Wyuna Botanicals Meet The Founders Wyuna Botanicals Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders

Founded by sister duo Hannah and Suzette. Combining their personal experiences and expertise to formulate plant-based skin essentials.

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Hannah Mason

From the age of 3 months old, I developed an allergy to many foods. Including nuts, eggs, legumes, and kiwi fruit and also had multiple environmental allergies. I have eczema-prone skin, so our parents tried many medical interventions. They found herbal medicine and sea saltwater from the ocean were the best medicine for my skin. Our mum is Chinese, so Traditional Chinese Medicine was introduced to me from a young age. This improved my gut health and the saltwater calmed my skin irritations.

Between the ages of 8-12 years old, I had fortnightly immunotherapy injections. To desensitise my response to specific allergens and help prevent an allergic reaction. As I’ve aged and after 5 years of immunotherapy treatment, I’ve outgrown some of my allergies. However, nuts still causes anaphylaxis for me. Growing up, my skin was still highly sensitive and I had to be careful with what I put on my skin. At the time, I was limited with a choice of products I didn't react to. This resulted in using products that included ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Fast forward a few years, natural skincare products have become widely accessible. However, many natural skincare brands still include nut-based ingredients. This limited me with choice. We created Wyuna Botanicals to provide clean, natural products for allergy-prone skin. 

Wyuna Botanicals Interview with Co-founder Suzette Mason
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meet co-founder

Suzette Mason

I don't have any allergies like Hannah but did grow up with a troubled gut and low self-esteem. This caused anxiety and lack of confidence. I sought help from a naturopath, who worked with me to bring my gut back into balance and calm my nerves. I had great success with my treatment and was intrigued with complementary medicine. Soon enough I was enrolled to study naturopathy at university. 

After completing a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Naturopathy. I worked as a naturopath for the leading natural health company in the industry. I spoke to consumers and practitioners about their health conerns. I realised that people were looking for products free from common allergens. Including nuts, soy, gluten, dairy and egg. I started reading product labels closely and researched different ingredients. Only to find many products were not transparent, which made me question what I was putting on my skin. We created Wyuna Botanicals to help those with reactive and sensitive skin. We empower you to embrace your inherent beauty. You are beautiful just the way you are.